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Here you can find some papers regarding netnography: Epistemic and Political Notes From a Techno-Activist Ethnography
Blanca Callén, Marcel Balasch, Paz Guarderas, Pamela Gutierrez, Alejandra León, Marisela Montenegro, Karla Montenegro, Joan Pujol


Field Ethics: Towards Situated Ethics for Ethnographic Research on the Internet
Adolfo Estalella, Elisenda Ardèvol


On New Means or New Forms of Investigation. A Methodological Proposal for Online Social Investigation through a Virtual Forum
Rubén Arriazu Muñoz


Logging into the Field—Methodological Reflections on Ethnographic Research in a Pluri-Local and Computer-Mediated Field
Heike Mónika Greschke


Ethnography of Online Role-Playing Games: The Role of Virtual and Real Contest in the Construction of the Field
Simona Isabella


Developing Cyberethnographic Research Methods for Understanding Digitally Mediated Identities
Natalia Rybas, Radhika Gajjala


The Internet as a Library-Of-People: For a Cyberethnography of Online Groups
Maurizio Teli, Francesco Pisanu, David Hakken


Mobile Subjects, Mobile Methods: Doing Virtual Ethnography in a Feminist Online Network
Michaela Fay



Here you can find some links regarding the network society.


Barry Welllman

wikipedia webpage

Barry Wellman's website

Barry Wellman's publications

Barry Wellman "the triple revolution"


Manuel Castells

wikipedia webpage  

Manuel Castells' website

Manuel Castells' publications  


Here you can find some interesting resources related to the network society and new media.

TETYANA LOKOT, Beyond the Protest Square. Digital Media and Augmented Dissent.